Avanto is able to store, version, archive, backup and classify all digital assets related to a particular project, or to the organizaiton as a whole. Work orders, purchase orders, visual documentation, project documentation and permanent communicaiton snippets are produced on-the-fly, and are stored for future reference. Avanto is able to publish parts or whole of these digital assets in a separate web site, onto a smartphone application, or any other digital platform of your choosing. The project stakeholders are thus able to get vital, amalgamated information as to the proceedings of the project using any device at their disposal.

As seen on the diagram above the project is configured onto Avanto via the implementation of the contract stipulations. The project executers and content providers use Avanto to execute the project. Their activities drives the project onward, while at the same time producing the vital project related material which Avanto is able to use as project related content. The content thus produced is able to be publsihed to any given online platform. The management layer of all project stakeholders thus have live, convenient access to the proceedings of the project, increasing their level of active involvement.