ESCROW Transfer

ESCROW, TRUSTED ESCURATOR DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER: We are Escrow Türkiye Business Partner. After the agreement with the domain name owner (thanksdomain) on the domain name price, the domain name transfer is carried out by the following methods. 1- The buyer goes to the ESCROW SECURE TRANSFER Web Site, opens a personal or corporate (with country identity statement, secure, verified) account. 2- The buyer requests the purchase and transfer for the domain name with which the agreement is made. 3- The domain owner (thanksdomain) (if he has accepted the offer) approves. 4- The buyer deposits the agreed domain name fee ($ xxxxxxx) to the escrow escrow site (with transfer costs). 5- The domain owner (thanksdomain) sends the transfer security code to the buyer. 6- After the buyer transfers the domain name, he confirms the payment (on escrow) to the buyer. 7- Domain name transfer is done smoothly and safely.