Domain Services

Our Value Added Domain Name Services

  • DOMAIN NAME ANALYSIS and APPRAISAL: Domain name, brand research, analysis, valuation is done, price information is conveyed to the buyer.
  • DOMAIN MONITORING and BACKORDER SERVICE: Domain names are monitored, developments and changes are provided. If the domain name becomes vacant, the domain name is automatically purchased. (Domain names are not guaranteed to be void. The current owner can extend the domain name or switch the domain name to another agent)
  • DOMAIN BROKERAGE SERVICE: The owner or agent of the domain name is contacted. Price negotiation is done.
  • DOMAIN LEGAL INITIATIVE SERVICE: International (WIPO) and National Brand research and legal process follow-up.
Please contact us about the services you are interested in. Please fill in the offer form for the domain name you want to buy and send it to us. Let us get back to you right away through our Bitrix24 CRM system. Please send an e-mail to this address [email protected] for the domain name you want to buy. Please write the domain name you want to buy in the e-mail subject heading