Real-time map visualization of wide -area projects

Avanto creates a mashup of the content, progress and stages of a project implemented on a wide geographical span in real time, using such global map providers as Openstreetmaps, Bing, etc. As the project management modules of Avanto are used to execute the project the actions of the users reflected on the map without the need of any additional effort. The project is thus visualized, reported and understood in general with very minimal effort.

—On-map point & click interface

The mashup modules of Avanto also contain the ability to permit project workers to use the map itself as an interface in their management and maintenance activities. If a given city is the target of a new construction site or an equipment purchase, for instance, the user can just target the given location on the map and execute the necessary commands that will inform all the project stakeholders of the new action.

—Tailor-made for wide area infrastructure projects

Not all projects are equal. And size does matter. A project might deal with the installation of a new production line on a single factory, or then the construction of hundreds of new communication lines amongst hundreds of locations spanning continents. The additional efforts on logistics and communication that wide area execution entails needs to taken into account. The additional complexities brought by wide area execution concern all of the stakeholders, whether to understand, or manage.

Multi-Lingual user interface

Large wide-area infrastructure projects generally are executed by international companies working with local contractors and political, municipal authorities. Avanto is a shared platform where the project particulars and functions are presented in as many languages as necessary. This way the complete participation, cognizance and support of all stakeholders are ensured without regard to any language barrier problems.

Comprehensive reporting and integration facilities

Avanto is generally used by different stakeholder companies and institutions working on the same wide area project. Each have their own systems and needs in reporting and integration. With customizable and scalable reporting and integration to systems like SAP and Oracle each penny spent in the project is accounted for and different accounting departments are kept up to the minute with minimal effort.

Contract level configuration and licensing

Avanto licensing scheme is contract based in that there are no restrictions concerning number of clients connected, servers installed or different companies and stakeholders are using it. Avanto is configured to the particulars of a given project taking into account all the details and stipulations of payment, delivery times and procedural follow up as per stated on the project contract. This configuration phase is done for an initial lump sum of money, after which it is used by all the stakeholders of the project for the duration of the project on a monthly subscription charge. Even after the execution of the project has finished and maintenance phases have begun Avanto can be used to maintain the infrastructure with the minimal subscription fee. Comprehensive support services are included in the price of the subscription.