Avanto is a contract-coupled wide area project, process and document management platform which is tailor made for managing and maintaining large scale projects. Avanto is a pivotal technology for management and control of wide area projects, providing unique visualization of the entire project via a map-based interface, in real time. Avanto enables stakeholders to fully understand the state of the project, manage project assets, track processes, identify and relieve bottlenecks, and in general exercise much-needed control over the cost and success of the project in a way never before possible.

Cloud Based Management

Avanto is a client-server based distributed software that needs only a standard web browser on the client side to operate. No plug-ins or add-ons are required from the browser. Any browser, anywhere in the world, bring your valid access clearence and you are good to go.

Power of open-source

Using open-source components for its infrastructure, Avanto provides many benefits to the stakeholders of a wide area project, at a low cost-to-market.  The top-most layer of functionality, which constitutes Avanto itself, is programmed using GlobalNet’s resources, while the many layers of open-source infrastructure it relies on is constantly developed, security checked and improved by tens of thousands of programmers worldwide. This unique approach in meshing up existing free technologies to create an innovative, efficient platform enables GlobalNet to produce a world-class, best of breed management software using disproportionately miniscule resources.

Multi-Lingual user interface

Large wide-area infrastructure projects generally are executed by international companies working with local contractors and political, municipal authorities. Avanto is a shared platform where the project particulars and functions are presented in as many languages as necessary. This way the complete participation, cognizance and support of all stakeholders are ensured without regard to any language barrier problems.