Avanto is a contract tailored cloud based software suite implemented as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The development cycle of Avanto relies on close-knit requirements analysis sessions made with multiple stakeholders of a large-scale project. The unique perspective taken here is that the software suite not only serves as a management, process tracking and communication platform, but also as a contract enforcement tool as determined by the multiple parties of a contract.

As Avanto is being developed the core management engine is subjected to test run sessions begin by all the project stakeholders involved. The particulars of the contract are embedded into the workings of the platform while simultaneously being tested by all the relevant departments of the organizations. Thus the contract is enforced down to the minute and last cent. All parties involved benefit from this approach. The complex, wide-area project is implemented without flaw, as the alerting and business intelligence tools of the platform warn the stakeholders well before any breach of contract might occur.